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Today's rates

as of 20th October 8:45 AM
Euro flag


We buy 0.87 EUR We sell 1.12 EUR
US Dollar flag

US Dollar

We buy 1.315 USD We sell 1.26 USD
Canadian Dollar flag

Canadian Dollar

We buy 1.715 CAD We sell 1.65 CAD
Australian Dollar flag

Australian Dollar

We buy 1.845 AUD We sell 1.78 AUD
Emirati Dirham flag

Emirati Dirham

We buy 4.83 AED We sell 4.51 AED
Thai Baht flag

Thai Baht

We buy 43.30 THB We sell 40 THB
South African Rand flag

South African Rand

We buy 19.10 ZAR We sell 17.60 ZAR
Bulgarian Lev flag

Bulgarian Lev

We buy 2.27 BGN We sell 2.09 BGN
Croatian Kuna flag

Croatian Kuna

We buy 8.61 HRK We sell 7.97 HRK
Czech Koruna flag

Czech Koruna

We buy 29.70 CZK We sell 27.80 CZK
Danish Krone flag

Danish Krone

We buy 8.74 DKK We sell 7.95 DKK
Hungarian Forint flag

Hungarian Forint

We buy 376 HUF We sell 345 HUF
Icelandic Krona flag

Icelandic Krona

We buy 158 ISK We sell 144 ISK
Polish Zloty flag

Polish Zloty

We buy 4.94 PLN We sell 4.64 PLN
Swiss Franc flag

Swiss Franc

We buy 1.32 CHF We sell 1.255 CHF
Swedish Krona flag

Swedish Krona

We buy 12.34 SEK We sell 10.91 SEK
Turkish Lira flag

Turkish Lira

We buy 7.48 TRY We sell 6.76 TRY